Monday, July 30, 2012

Episode 21: Drill, Baby- DRILL!!!!!!!!

Some homemade jigs just have to be called what they are… stinking amazing. This week we come back from our summer break with a vengance. And the drill press is in our sights once again.

We’ve completed the “Drill Im-press Table” by adding some unique bit storage, and some attachments that allow you to turn spindles, knobs, even pens without a lathe. Add that to the innovative X-Y sliding table and milling features, downdraft dust collection, and the microadjustable positioning capability, and you’re looking at a woodworker’s dream come true.

The best part is, you can build it with just a little hardware and some plywood scraps. And once you try it… well, you’ll see…

After that we talk about getting the biggest bang for your buck in the drill press market, deal with a feud between a 90 year old man and a chicken, and Stumpy puts something up his nose for science.
All that and more, this week on Blue Collar Woodworking.